About me

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communications from the Universitat de València (Spain). I have worked as a journalist and have been involved with several projects in communications, cinema and television for over 20 years.

In 2011, I began to specialize in audiovisual communications by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Creative and Humanistic Translation (Universitat the València) and a Diploma (postgraduate) in Translation and Technologies (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Since then, I have provided my audiovisual translation services to several production companies, television and translation agencies from several countries.

Over two hundred subtitling and dubbing translation projects have passed across my desk, as well as nearly 500 video files for which I have had the pleasure to create the HoH subtitles in Spanish and Catalan (Valencian). I have been entrusted to work on several series, movies and programs broadcast by Fox, Netflix and several public and private Spanish channels.

My years working as a journalist have allowed me to specialize in the translation of press releases, corporative videos, newsletters and other published material, especially scientific dissemination contents. A few examples are the translations I have been doing for years for the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Spanish National Research Council.

I have also been privileged to work on several cultural projects, such as flyers for exhibitions, books about photography and communications, and conferences about art and painting.

I work quickly to meet delivery deadlines, without losing sight of rigor and details. In choosing my collaborators, I demand the same quality as my own. In addition, my services have the guarantee of a professional who not only manages the art of translation but also the audiovisual and journalism environment, bearing in mind the technical and formal requirements they involve. I am translation and communication. I love to combine two different professions that allow me to bring people closer to the written and spoken content in their own and other languages.